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Custardy Raspberry Ricotta Pancakes

April 6, 2016

We’ve had so much going on lately that on the rare occasions we’ve been home on the weekend with time to make breakfast, it’s been hit or miss whether we have the makings in the house for anything at all. So, in the spirit of making lemons, I’ve been on a kick of scraping together leftovers from the fridge into something worthy of a weekend breakfast at home. You’d think the results would be a little spotty (especially if you saw what our fridge and pantry look like these days), but actually, it’s been the greatest thing. We love to eat and even when we’re busy, we prefer to whip something quick up at home than grab take out, so there are always leftover ingredients from something or other.  Even better than that, this little exercise has been forcing us to veer away from our usual poached egg on crusty bread weekend routine.

It started the morning after we threw an engagement party for my gorgeous friend Lauren. We’d been so preoccupied pulling together all the details of the party, that we forgot to pickup staples. But, we had the makings for a riff on shakshuka and it was awesome. On Sunday, we found ourselves in our new usual breakfast-less situation, so after Ricotta Pancakes - Stovetopevaluating the contents of our fridge, I figured we could whip up some mean ricotta pancakes. As an extra bonus, we had pavlova on Saturday night and had some leftover lemon curd in the fridge to top them with!

I pulled the recipe from The Kitchn and made a few small adjustments based on what we had on hand. I highly recommend this recipe, to be made on a relaxing Sunday morning with a little Aretha Franklin playing in the background.

You can find the recipe here. I added an extra egg yolk, a tablespoon of toasted shredded coconut and sliced almonds, a teaspoon of lemon zest and chopped raspberries to the batter with great results.

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