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Grandma’s Lemonade – Best Sampled With Gin

August 6, 2015

I’ve mentioned my Grandmother before… she’s pretty awesome and knows what’s up. This recipe goes way back. I imagine her and her stylish friends drinking lemonade with gin while their little kids played in the pool in the sixties. She was way right about the gin, it goes down really well–especially on a sunny day.

This is one of those funny recipes that I have in my very first cookbook, given to me by my Grandmother 15 years ago. She wrote two recipe cards for me and the third, written in the very round block letters of the teenager that I was, is her lemonade recipe. I wrote it down during one of our visits, we drank a ton of lemonade that summer. It is SO good.

Lemonade Syrup – Old Fashioned

  • 6 cups sugarLemons
  • 1 oz. tartaric acid (optional, hard to find, I don’t use it)
  • 2 oz. citric acid
  • Juice & rind of four lemons
  • Juice & rind of three oranges

Add six cups boiling water to sugar, tartaric and citric acids. Let cool. Add oranges and lemons. Let sit covered overnight. Strain and bottle.

If you’re in the mood to mix things up, feel free to add other fruit to compliment the lemonade. In this batch, I had an abundance of fresh cherries, so I used those. While the recipe is delicious on its own, I’ve also used rhubarb and strawberries with success.Lemonade Syrup

The recipe itself is a lemonade syrup and should be diluted with water (still or sparkling). I usually use a jigger of syrup for each glass, but you can make it as weak or as strong as you like.


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