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MILK & That Time We Went to NYC

July 21, 2015

We are pretty lucky that we have such amazing friends whose weddings are allowing us to see new corners of the world. Back in June, our friends Chris and Olivia had the most beautiful wedding in Liberty State Park overlooking the New YorkChris & OP City skyline. It was a gorgeous event and they were so very thoughtful with all the small details. We had such a blast catching up with our old friends from Perth (where we met!), exploring NYC, walking our feet off and eating our weight in amazing treats. It was my first time to New York City and it was everything I expected it to be and then some.

Having spent a little time in the city on various work trips, Doug took the lead in organizing our trip. He had us visit all the iconic New York City spots, like Central Park, MOMA, Fifth Avenue, Grand Central Station and Rockefeller Centre, but booked us into some really uniquely big city New York places… wandering the shops in Chelsey and visiting some highly rated restaurants and cocktail bars (The Spotted Pig and Il Buco in particular). Food–right up our alley! He is so thoughtful, he had everything so carefully planned out, even the things that he thought we might want to experience a little more casually.

A few things were particularly memorable (aside from Chris and Olivia’s union!):

  • We were lucky to score a very tiny cozy room at the Hudson Hotel, which was a major hot spot–their roof deck was so dreamy, it had a hammock and they serve Pimms Cups!
  • We spent hours at MOMA and then a good solid chunk of time in their gift shop.
  • I could have spent all day wandering around Central Park, getting lost in the Ramble and hanging out at The Lake. We got caught in a rainstorm and hid out beneath old tree canopies to wait out the storm! The whole thing was very romantic.
  • We spent a dreamy evening walking the High Line – for such a massive city, NYC really does its limited green space well.

While the whole trip was amazing, one of the nerdiest things that I was way too excited about was our visit to Momofuku Milk Bar. I am constantly coming across blog posts and articles about how innovative Christina Tosi is and she has posted a couple of Christina Tosi's Carrot Cake - MILKgreat recipes on Food52, so I was pretty excited to visit the bakery in person and see what all the hype was about. We went, we tried cereal milk ice cream and crack pie, we bought a SIGNED copy of Christina’s first cookbook named after the bakery and both of us were in heaven. Next time, I want to join one of their baking classes, that would just be over the top! When we got back, Father’s Day rolled around and presented a perfect excuse to both spoil my dear old Dad and try out the carrot cake recipe from the book. It was not a casual baking project, but based on the reactions from my family, it was way worth it.

P.S. here is a little summer playlist I put together on 8tracks… Enjoy!

Agoraphobia from kellycself on 8tracks Radio.

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