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May 16, 2015

I’d been saving Yossy Arefi‘s daunting recipe for croissants for months. The recipe has many steps and seems so complicated that when I decided to go for it I actually had to map out my weekend to make sure I had a grip on the timing. But, the photos and comments on the recipe were too tempting to pass up on, so I went for it. Plus, it was a great challenge since I’d never made a laminated dough before.

I thought I had everything planned out and the steps were nicely synched up with our weekend plans, until I went to make the preferment and realized that we had run out of all purpose flour. Oops! Luckily, whole wheat flouCroissants -  Shapedr didn’t kill the croissants. I was able to run out and pick up some all purpose the next morning and in the end, I think the whole wheat preferment added a little extra flavour to the dough.

Despite my careful planning, I got tripped up on timing for the resting periods and wound up leaving the croissants to rise for longer than the recipe stated, (double in some cases) which had me searching Google for the life span of yeast in fear that I wouldn’t get a final rise out of my croissants! As it turns out yeast can live up to three days or maybe even longer.

I’m happy to report that once you dive into this recipe, the steps are quite simple and the timing isn’t quite as strict as it seems. My croissants turned out golden, flaky and delicious. Click through the recipe above and be sure to read through the comments, as well as Yossy’s super helpful photo tips for the lamination process. We don’t have a stand mixer, but I managed just fine by hand.  I took advice from one of the commenters and split the dough in four and having been storing some in the freezer. We’ve been enjoying freshly baked croissants all week!


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