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Take Me Back to Sayulita

April 4, 2015

I have a confession: I always thought that Mexico was an artificial destination. It seemed to be a place that was largely about packaged all-inclusive destinations. I am the first to admit that I can be quick to judge and may be a little closed-minded about some things and man, was I ever wrong about Mexico.

Like so many people at our stage in life, most of our holidays this year are being spent travelling to attend weddings–luckily for us, our friends are awesome and so are the places they have chosen to get married. Earlier in March – Pi Day to be specific – we jetted down to Sayulita to be with Doug’s oldest friend, Danielle on her wedding day. Danielle and Reed chose the most quaint little jungle resort just outside the town of Sayulita to tie the knot.

Playa Escondida is a small beachside jungle resort with about thirty suites. Every suite is unique and ours was open air, with a thatched roof in a bird sanctuary. We were woken up by the sun and sweet bird sounds every day (and the occasional coati fight). To get to the beach, the little restaurant and most importantly the bar and infinity pool from our pad, there was a windy jungle path, passing one or two other quirky suites on the way. It was spectacular. The wedding took over the entire resort and we got to know their lovely staff very well. By the time we left (or, five minutes after meeting her, more likely), Playa Escondido’s event planner, Tony, had professed his love for my mother-in-law, Terry!

Just a short hilly walk, cab or golf cart ride away is the town of Sayulita. Before we left on the trip, we realized how popular Sayulita is in our part of the world, especially among our friends from Canmore. It is a completely laid-back Mexican surf town with great shopping, some fun little restaurants and great authentic bars. We went into Sayulita every day we were there to shop, eat, explore and surf. The afternoon that we surfed, there was a marching band playing on the beach while we were in the water! Sayulita is a very quirky place.

Danielle & ReedIt was such a memorable weekend, Danielle and Reed have an amazing group of friends and family. It was really special having a few days to get to know everyone before the big day. It reminded me a little of our wedding–our group took over a small resort and I think everyone left with a few new friends. It was fun seeing the connections that were made after it was all over. Danielle and Reed’s wedding itself was truly beautiful. They set up an altar, tables and a light-up dance floor right on the beach. The ceremony was very sweet and took place right at golden hour just before sunset.

Sayulita is such a special place and I’ve been dying to go back since the moment we left. It would be so dreamy to spend a month in that part of the world and take advantage of the slower pace that life seems to have down there.

Sayulita & Playa Escondida musts:

  • Start every day with Huevos Mexicanos and fresh orange juice
  • Fresh oysters if they have them–the night we arrived they served us oysters that were just an hour out of the sea!
  • Fresh tacos for lunch, piled high with grilled shrimp and salsa
  • Drink coconut water out of a coconut
  • “Chi chis” in the pool and sugar free mojitos the rest of the time (thanks for the tip Rose!)
  • Surf lessons in Sayulita followed by lunch and the world’s biggest margaritas on the playa
  • Buy a few cute bobbles at one of Sayulita’s jewellery shops
  • A little snorkel session on the beach
  • Spend a few quiet moments lounging in a jungle hammock
  • Wear a floppy straw hat everywhere

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