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February 25, 2015

Anyone who knows Doug and I will tell you that we live in a small space and we talk about it a lot, usually because we are dreaming of moving to a grand, spacious palace. We live in a very central neighbourhood of Calgary, a city known for its sprawl. Our apartment is not much more than 500 square feet, but it affords us walking distance to the city’s best restaurants, cafés, bars and shopping–not to mention the Elbow River, which spoils us with a network of more than 800 kilometres of inter-connected paved pathways throughout the city. We think our neighbourhood is pretty charming and we love being a part of it.

With that said, our somewhat cramped living situation does come with its challenges. We are constantly editing everything that shares this space with us and have to be very thoughtful before we bring something new in. The constant edit is a lot of work, but it’s a pretty great exercise and I would actually recommend it. In order to squeeze all of our favourite sweaters and cooking tools into our limited storage, we often need to reorganize or purge things that we haven’t used in a while. It means that we live relatively minimally and that we are obsessed with organization. I laugh a little now, because when Doug moved into this place, things got a little cluttered and I had a total meltdown, much to his bewilderment. But, I know he’s on board now, because the same thing happened to him recently when a few of our things were out of place. It can feel totally encroaching! We also find ourselves shuffling furniture around to be more useful for different scenarios, lamps being haphazardly perched on couches to make space for more people around the dinner table, couches being moved to make a workout space… with a little creativity, you wouldn’t believe the opportunity in 500 square feet!

Skona Hem - via Apartment Therapy

Image via Skona Hem – via Apartment Therapy (who got it via a few others)

So, in the spirit of celebrating satisfyingly neat and organized tiny spaces, here are a few of my faves from Apartment Therapy and beyond:



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