Weekend Sweep

January 9, 2015

In the spirit of launching into the weekend, here is a little collection of  favourites that I came across this week.

I’ve watched the short video above at least a million times this week. celine-joan-didion-spring-2015-holding

Do you know Molly Yeh? She’s a Food 52 contributer and I stumbled upon her while daydreaming over recipes last week. She is so cool–and she just got married! Her wedding photos are a dream… check them out on her blog. I want to make all the beautiful things she makes!

Joan Didion for Celine. I’ve been obsessed with Phoebe Philo since her Chloe days and Joan Didion is just a bad ass.

Tonight we’re having a German feast at my friend Rose’s house, so we’re making pretzels and spaetzle and all sorts of goodies. The pretzel recipe is particularly fun.

Since Doug is job searching as a new Canadian resident (!!), we found Mashable’s 8 Things Recruiters Notice About Your Resumé at First Glance to be a pretty good read.

We are constantly threatening to cut our cable, but don’t because we’d miss sports and the news… maybe Canadian networks will follow suit one day?

The video below is a mashup of the best viral videos of 2014 and is pretty awesome.

Have a fantastic weekend!



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