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Cozy up with a cape

December 6, 2014

As soon as December hit this year, I launched myself into holiday spirit. I don’t know whether it was because November was a pretty heavy work month and I needed a break, or because, what’s not to love about the holidays? We’ve been wrapping Christmas gifts, decorating our (first!!) Christmas tree and just generally getting cozy and festive.

Shopping for Christmas gifts a week or two ago, I stumbled on one of the best purchases I’ve made in what seems like years. Pretty typical to find the best gift to myself while shopping for loved ones, but anyway… We were in Roots and as soon as I spotted the cape, I knew I was going to wear it to death. So far, I’ve worn it every single day in some capacity, either as a scarf, a shawl and of course as a cape. My cape is the best thing ever and everyone needs to get one.

The cape I bought seems to be sold out, but here is a great little collection of capes to help you get cozy.

1) Pure DKNY Cozy Cape $350.27
2) Topshop Checked Cape at Nordstrom $62.20
3) Madewell Cape Scarf  $79.50
4) Club Monaco Arleta Cape $695

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