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Christmas decorations – tales of our first Christmas tree

December 14, 2014

Even though we’ll be celebrating with Doug’s family this Christmas, we couldn’t help getting our own little tree. I love the holidays, but ever since I left my family home for university, I always felt a disconnect when all the shops, streets, and friends’ houses were beautifully dressed up for the holidays, but my little place was always just… normal. I’ve never really had a ton of space for decorations and they always seemed fairly low priority–especially because of how little time I would spend there during the holidays.

This year is different, both Doug and I are totally subscribing to the holiday spirit. Earlier this month, we made an impromptu after-work trip to a Christmas tree shop and picked up what we thought was an apartment-friendly sized tree. Ours is probably four feet short. When we got it home, we realized we probably could have gone for a taller, thinner version. But we love our little shortie.

Being our first tree, we didn’t have any decorations (other than a beautiful little wooden “First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.” ornament that our extremely thoughtful wedding photographer and friend Kirstie sent us), so we decided to make some with some crafts we had around the house leftover from the wedding. We cut stars out of cardboard, painted them grey and then used Martha Stewart transfer adhesive and foil sheets to gild them in a messy, homemade way. We made a nice big one for the top of the tree and hung the smaller ones from the branches with a little coloured twine. We wrapped some burlap around the base of the tree and tied it with a little red ribbon, instead of a traditional skirt. I think it adds a little bohemian vibe!First Christmas Tree

I think next year, we’ll string some cranberries and popcorn to add a little extra since I imagine we’ll have a taller tree. My parents’ tree has a great collection of little ornaments that spans their years together as a family and I really love how eclectic and meaningful it is.  I hope ours will look like that in years to come.

Do you have a Christmas tree? How did you decorate your first one?

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