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Traditions – Wedding Anniversaries

October 14, 2014

What do you do for your anniversary? What do your parents do to celebrate theirs? As we approached our first anniversary this year, I wanted to make sure that we established a little tradition between the two of us. Something that we could do easily each year to recognize and reflect on the year behind us, no matter what was happening in our lives.

From what I gathered, most couples celebrate with a special dinner date and maybe a little weekend trip. Some did gifts and others, like my parents, weren’t very concerned with the actual anniversary. After 30 years, their accomplishments together as a family were more meaningful than any smK&D Weddingall celebrations could be.

We share the same anniversary as my parents. On October 13, 2013, we got married on their 29th wedding anniversary. I consider my parents to be an inspiring example of strong family and it was really special to share the day with them last year. I figure it must be a pretty good omen!

After much thought and discussion, we landed on a fairly simple tradition. Beginning this year, our annual anniversary tradition is to spoil ourselves however we can manage, but most importantly–and no matter what spoils we manage to stick our noses in–we will share a special bottle of wine and decadent dessert just the two of us at home.

This year we shared a bottle of Prisoner and together we made a three layer butterscotch-pecan cake. Doug made the cake and I made the frosting! Though as Doug was apt to point out, the name of the wine was a little ironic, it was delicious and we had a lot of fun preparing for it. And, as we enjoyed it, we looked back over the roller coaster year we had last year, with our wedding, Doug’s Canadian immigration process, family challenges, trips to France, Denmark and to many other places.

Do you have any anniversary traditions?

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